Open in SourceTree from IntelliJ IDEA

I'm quite fond of SourceTree for managing Git repositories (it does Mercurial as well). SourceTree comes with an stree command to open repositories from the command line. I wanted to set up an external tool in IntelliJ IDEA to the repo containing the current source file, stree only works if you call it without any arguments with a current working directory of the root level of a repo, or if you pass the path to the root level of a repo as an argument. This is fine if you have only a single Git source root in your IntelliJ project: You can just use call stree directly with the $ProjectFileDir$ macro as a parameter. But if you have multiple modules in your project with different Git source roots, it gets more difficult. I tried using the $ModuleFileDir$ macro, but this seems to the directory where the .iml file for the module is stored, which is not the source root of the module.

So, I ended up writing a small wrapper for stree which can take the path to any file or directory within a Git or Mercurial repo as an argument and invokes stree with the path to the root of the repo:

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