Fun with Sikuli and Baldur's Gate

A few months ago I was playing Baldur's Gate: Enhanced Edition (BGEE), and going through the character creation process. The game chooses the character's initial statistics by simulated random dice rolls. You can re-distribute points between different attributes as you desire, but you can only increase the total number of points by re-rolling. You can re-roll as many times as you want, hoping to get a higher total number of points. You can also "store" and "recall" a single roll.

The lazy programmer in me saw this as an a task begging for automation.

I spent the next several hours developing a Sikuli script which automates the process of re-rolling until a desired total roll is reached. I've finally gotten around to cleaning up the code and releasing it on github as BGEE_Sikuli_auto_roller.

Here's a video demo (painfully edited in iMovie) of BGEE_Sikuli_auto_roller in action:

Happy dungeon/code hacking!

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